Pata 2nd among GrandGrand Masters at the 2015 Finn Masters World Championship

Pata finished second in Kavala, Greece at the 2015 Finn Masters World Championship! 

He started the regatta slow, but came back after Day 2 and managed to get on the podium. His best performance was a 4th place at one of the races overall!

Pata was racing with his Custom Made Pata MC Mast, a sail from OneSail that was fitted perfectly for the mast, and our oldest second hand boat, a 2008 Pata B4-, that is actually for sale still on our website.


Congratulations to Pata and for every master that competed out there! It was a great experience, we are hoping to have many others to come.

Many thanks to the organizers and volunteers and also to our Pata Charter team for choosing to sail Pata boats. 


Next event: Finn Masters Euro Cup in Tihany, Hungary! Hope to see everybody there!